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DataBase Management System (DBMS) Solved MCQs

1. Which of the following is a Data Model? A. entity-relationship model B. relational data model C. object-based data model D. all of the above Answer» D. all of the above 2. A collection of related data. ...

Unit 2 Solved MCQs

1. Type-1 Grammar is known as_____________ A. CFG B. CSG C. REGULAR D. All Answer» B. CSG 2. If G is “S → a S/a”, then L(G) = ? A. a* B. ^ C. {a}+ D. Both (a) & ...

Computer Fundamentals Solved MCQs

1. UNIVAC is A. universal automatic computer B. universal array computer C. unique automatic computer D. unvalued automatic computer Answer» A. universal automatic computer 2. The basic operations performed by a computer are A. arithmetic operation B. ...

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