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KnockoutJS Multiple-Choice Questions (MCQs)

Knockout is a standalone JavaScript implementation of the Model–View–ViewModel pattern with templates. KnockoutJS MCQs: This section contains multiple-choice questions and answers on the various topics of KnockoutJS. Practice these MCQs to test and enhance your skills on KnockoutJS. List of ...

Advanced Construction and Equipments Solved MCQs

1. the art of driving piles into the ground was first established by______. A. Greeks B. Romans C. Philippians D. None of the mentioned Answer» B. Romans 2. based on the function, piles can be classified into ______ types. ...

GigFly – Freelancing Marketplace connects businesses with freelancers

GigFly connects businesses with freelancers offering digital services in 500+ categories. Don’t Just Dream, Do. Freelance Services For The Lean Entrepreneur. 100,000+ Sellers. Quality Work. 24/7 Support. Protected Payments. Revolutionizing the Gig Economy The gig economy has been ...

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